Introducing Clear Estimates Pro

October 4, 2017

Hi Everyone -Clear Estimates Pro is officially here!! We're so excited to offer an upgrade to our existing product that will give you more power than ever before. Pro will feature everything in a Clear Estimates account plus:

  • Buildertrend Integration
  • Multiple Users (Sales&Admin)
  • CRM/Email Marketing Integration
  • Invoicing

To learn more about Pro, click here

Invoicing will allow you to manage a projects cost status directly from Clear Estimates. You'll also be able to print a document displaying the total paid and the total due.

Buildertrend integration will allow you to send your estimate data directly to Buildertrend. This gives you the opportunity to streamline project management and cost analysis.

Additional users is awesome for our larger clients. This feature will allow you to invite members of your team via email. They will have their own login with restricted admin access. You'll be able to add and delete users as you see fit.

Finally, we are so excited to say that Pro accounts will be able to integrate with CRMs/Marketing tools. This is huge for your email marketing and client management. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your customer is key to gaining future referrals. Now, anytime you enter customer information into Clear Estimates, you'll be able to send it to your favorite external app.

If you are interested in trying Pro free, please let us know!

Alex Krull
Alex Krull