Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Clear Estimates cost? Can I get a free trial?
Do I have to sign a contract, or can I cancel at any time?
Sounds simple enough, but how hard is it to cancel?
How long does it take?
I’m ready to subscribe. Where can I sign up?
On which Operating Systems can I use Clear Estimates?
Is it compatible with Mac computers or iPads?
Can Clear Estimates be used for (X)?
(E.g., Water damages, Cleaning, Commercial Remodeling, etc.)
We use Quickbooks for accounting.
Does Clear Estimates integrate with Quickbooks?
I’m not a computer guy, is this easy to learn?
Can I get help getting started?
What support is available?
Is this easier to use than Excel?
What trades does this cover?
Can I customize this?
Does this work for commercial jobs?
I'm a handyman. I'm worried this program might be too much?
Does this work for new home construction?
Can I invoice my clients using Clear Estimates?
What devices can I use this on? (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android)
How many users can I have?
Is there a free trial?
Do I have to sign a contract?
How can I cancel?
Where can I get started?
Does it work with Quickbooks?
Can I save estimates to my computer? How about Email them?
Can I export to Buildertrend?

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