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All the great parts of Clear Estimates, plus powerful features for those who need more.


Integrate with BuilderTrend

BuilderTrend is a leading software for project management, and now you can export your estimates from Clear Estimates directly to BuilderTrend. Create your estimates with us, then manage the project with BuilderTrend.

Multiple Users

Your team is more than just you, so with Clear Estimates Pro you can add more estimators to your account, with two different levels of permissions. Administrators have full access to the software, while sales can only create new customers and estimates but can’t change your pricing or templates.

Integrate with CRMs with Zapier

Clear Estimates Pro lets you integrate with hundreds of other apps, including CRMs, through Zapier. What does that mean? It means when you create a customer in Clear Estimates, you can create that same customer in your CRM, automatically. 

Create and Send Invoices

Ready to charge your customer? With Clear Estimates Pro, you can easily create invoices from your estimates, and send them right out to your customers so you can get paid.

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