Clear Estimates in Top Ten Reviews

September 24, 2015

Clear Estimates was recently featured in Top Ten Review's coverage of estimating software for the construction industry and it was great to be part of that article! Although we were ranked 9th out of 10 on this list, we're happy with the content of the actual review especially considering that the ranking did not consider the cost of the software in its ranking. Many of these software options can be extremely expensive, while we offer no contract, no setup fee, and simple pricing of a monthly subscription.

The content of the review also ranked us as one of the easiest software to use of all reviewed. Which means that if you want something that you can get started on immediately creating estimates (without breaking the bank), Clear Estimates is the one for you.

Here's what the review had to say:

"While the features included in the applications are important, they aren't the only factor to consider. You should also consider ease of use. In our testing, we rated each software program based on how simple the installation process was, what the interface was like to navigate and how easy it was entering and following construction-related data. Some applications scored well – ProContractor Estimating, PlanSwift and Clear Estimates, for instance, all had a score of over 90 percent. This wasn't the case with the rest of the software bidding programs, however."

Keep that in mind when selecting your next estimating software, because the best estimating software is the one that you'll actually use! Often this means you need to look for the tool that is the easiest to use, and Clear Estimates scored a 95% from this review on easy of use (second highest of all software reviewed).

"[Clear Estimates] is one of the easiest construction estimating programs to use. The interface isn't cluttered with unnecessary data, and it is easy to navigate through and find each part of the bid you need for the final estimate proposal."

This review also pointed out the value of having a cloud based estimating tool, and the reviewer writes "Clear Estimates is the only bidding software we reviewed that is cloud based." This has its advantages, for anyone who is using a Mac computer:

"If you're using a Mac operating system, you may not have much of a choice when it comes to choosing the estimating software you want to use."... "However, since Clear Estimates is a cloud-based solution, it can be accessed from any laptop or computer regardless of the operating system."

What is most important when looking for a construction estimating software is that you find the software that works best for you and your business, especially when you consider all the factors such as cost, ease of use, compatibility, etc. With our 30 day free trial you'll have the chance to see if Clear Estimates is the right fit for you.

Jack Dean
Jack Dean