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We’ve heard from a number of our customers that the restrictions implemented to combat the Coronavirus pandemic are impacting their business. Homeowners are wary to let anyone into their house, after all. And rightfully so! Social distancing is critical to keeping this thing in check so we can all stay healthy and bounce back faster. 

Spring is usually a busy time of year as the weather begins to thaw and the backlog of big projects can finally shift from design/planning to full on go-time. It’s frustrating to hit Pause, but don’t despair. All of those homeowners interested in having work done on their home will still need it done when the restrictions loosen up… the large demand is still there, it’s just being deferred until later in the season. Sharon’s kitchen is still a ‘70s nightmare and the Smith Residence will still need that dormer to accommodate a new nursery. While some homeowners are skittish others will be drawn into action by low interest rates. 

So how can you use your time to improve your business and prepare for the inevitable rush of work that will arrive – a bit behind schedule – later this summer? We will use this blog post to update you with ideas that we hear from our conversations with Clear Estimates users as we all sort this out together. 

Develop your sales pipeline: Millions of Americans are cooped up right now and forced to stare at the glaring deficiencies in their home. Capitalize on this opportunity by investing in marketing so that you can hit the ground running later this spring and make 2020 your best year yet.

Learn new digital tools: Invest the time to learn new digital tools that will strengthen your business and help you run more efficiently when things heat up. Update your digital portfolio. Finally, launch that new website you’ve been thinking about for years. Connect Clear Estimates with Clearent so you can streamline customer interactions and collect payments digitally!

Don’t lose touch with your prospects: A lot has changed since you last communicated with many of your leads. In addition to confirming your “locked in” clients are still ready to go, check in with the leads that didn’t work out. Maybe they are now more eager to invest in their real estate assets rather than the stock market. Or maybe you have a new opening this summer for the family that couldn’t wait until the fall to get going. 

Do you have other ideas on how to make the most of these circumstances? Contact us or leave a comment and we will share it out! 

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