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Rendon Remodeling & Design, LLC

Rendon Remodeling & Design, LLC is a full service, family owned and operated residential remodeling company. We have been in business since 2006, providing home remodeling solutions for homeowners in the Northern Virginia area. We are a design/build firm that specializes in home additions, whole house renovations, and kitchen/bath remodeling. We provide the highest quality workmanship and offer personalized service to our clients to be sure we are meeting their needs and making their remodeling dreams a reality. The company was started by Fred Rendon with his wife Karen Rendon in 2006. Their two sons, Michael and Joseph Rendon joined the company at the beginning and have helped the family build the business. Michael and Joseph Rendon run the company today and continue to carry on the high integrity and strong work ethic that was instilled in them by their parents.
Before using Clear Estimates, how would you estimate, what did you use?

Before using Clear Estimates, we used another estimating software that was not as efficient for us. Long before that, we used the good old fashioned pen and paper method. That method took much longer and was not as organized.

What was your biggest estimating pain point before using Clear Estimates?

Providing comprehensive proposals and estimates in a timely manner.

“Before using Clear Estimates, we used another estimating software that was not as efficient for us.”
After using Clear Estimates, have you been able to measure improvements in estimates produced or time saved?

It has definitely improved the time to complete estimates and proposals. Since using Clear Estimates, things are much more organized. We really enjoy the cloud based system.

When using Clear Estimates, what function do you find most useful?

I like the customization of Clear Estimates and the ability to create our own templates. This helps us to improve timing and efficiency.

Walk us through an example estimate, explaining how Clear Estimates is used.

Each project is unique, but we typically start with a template for an estimate. Then, we customize and revise, eventually sending the finished product to the customer.

What aspects of Clear Estimates make you most satisfied with your purchase?
  1. The simplicity
  2. The efficiency
  3. The fact that it is cloud based, making it easy for everyone to access
Would you recommend Clear Estimates to a competitor or another contractor in the residential industry?


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