Case Study

Almar Building and Remodeling Co.

Before using Clear Estimates, how would you estimate, what did you use?

Before Clear Estimates, we had created some Excel spreadsheets with basic pricing. Other than that, we would use a pencil and legal pads to scratch out estimates. Then we would type up in paragraph form a project description and send a 1-page proposal to our clients.

What was your biggest estimating pain point before using Clear Estimates?

Mostly the accuracy of our estimates and scope of work. Clear Estimates allowed us to not only be more accurate but also give a detailed scope of work to our clients so that they knew exactly what they were getting for the price.

After using Clear Estimates, have you been able to measure improvements in estimates produced or time saved?

Absolutely! We have seen an improvement on slippage over the past 12 years working with Clear Estimates. This is mostly due to the detail Clear Estimates offers in the estimates and proposals. We no longer “give away” work that was not clear in the past.

“We have seen an improvement on slippage over the past 12 years working with Clear Estimates.”
When using Clear Estimates, what function do you find most useful?

The Formal proposal feature. That is the backbone of everything we give to our clients from the proposal phase all the way through the contracted scope of work. The ability to create, edit and maintain our own parts allows us to put together scopes of work that are detailed and concise for the agreement between us and our clients.

What aspects of Clear Estimates make you most satisfied with your purchase?
  1. The ability to edit and maintain our own database of parts. It allows us to feel like we are in charge of our costs.
  2. The formal proposal feature. It allows us to present to our potential clients a very clear, organized and professional looking proposal.
Walk us through an example estimate, explaining how Clear Estimates is used.

Most of our estimates start with Templates that we have constructed in the CE system. Once the Template is put into the estimate, we then augment as necessary for that specific project. Once we have reviewed the estimate and assured that all parts and aspects are put into the system, we then use the formal proposal feature to export the estimate to a word document. That document is edited (slightly) and then presented to our potential clients. Once we have contracted the work, we can print out the PDF of the budget numbers and use that as a guide to staying on budget during the project

Would you recommend Clear Estimates to a competitor or another contractor in the residential industry?

Competitor… maybe not. Our proposals set us apart from our competitors. Ha! Honestly, we have recommended Clear Estimates to many friends in the industry. It is a great program that will allow professional contractors to separate themselves from the “Guy-in-Truck” type contractors.

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