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Remodeling: Marketing/Sales Funnel to Attract More Business

Successful marketing and advertising for a remodeling company start and ends with a successful funnel campaign. Specific ads or a day of canvassing are great for nabbing a few future customers, but they don’t provide sustainable business you can rely on. A funnel campaign for remodelers is something that encompasses multiple aspects of marketing and ad. The idea is we cast a large net, filter through, nurture and close sales that work for us. A funnel campaign focuses on the relationship we build with a potential customer, without ever meeting them. This is about promoting your brand, keeping your company name in the minds of hundreds of homeowners.

Generate Awareness

Brand awareness is key to getting folks to buy your product. This aspect of the funnel is crucial to casting a wide net, getting your name in front of as many people as possible. In this step, focus on community outreach, canvassing and online presence. Think about volunteering at events, helping with Habitat For Humanity Builds, sponsoring local youth sports teams. Cast a wide net and let your peers know you are active in the community and do solid work. Add some canvassing to the mix, just so homeowners have an additional reinforcement of who to hire when the time comes. Each event is an opportunity for email and contact info. That info is then stored in your CRM for future use. Make sure your website is in top shape with a landing page for emails. A landing page is a fancy term for a page that focuses on collecting emails for future use. Emphasize scope of work as well as quality on your website. Think about adding a testimonials page so potential customers know you are legit. Large brands that have huge marketing and advertising budgets have a goal of constantly being on your mind. When the time comes, you’ll buy from them. You can achieve similar results by staying active in your community and maintaining a quality online presence. Every home in your area is a lead.

Pursue the Leads

After you’ve generated awareness, it’s time to act on those leads you’ve secured. This might be the most important aspect. The mindset here is: Ok, what sets me apart from other contractors? Start sending out emails and do additional canvassing with the value you provide. Think about doing some online webinars on homeowner topics. Examples would be gutter cleaning, leaf raking, winterizing etc. Offer tips on how to refinish a deck or the best time to paint your home. Appear as the expert in the field. Homeowners love Youtube for DIY things, but who do they call when DIY just doesn’t cut it? Now you’re catching on!

Make the Sale

Time to reel them in. This is where we close the leads that need work done. It’s time to start thing about promotions or specials you’ll give out. It might be a promotional special to first time customers, or it might be an emphasis on the great and efficient work you do. You might give free estimates or throw in spring/fall maintenance with any kind of other work. Provide the lead with something that will bring them in for good, no second guessing. Offer something exclusively for those who provided emails. Let them know that you value new business and are willing to slash pricing to bring them aboard. Once you have them scheduled for an estimate, allow them to schedule the job well in advance, giving them the flexibility to plan and prepare for what could be a big payday for you.

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