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Print or Email an estimate?

In the era of technology and less face to face communication, what is the best way to present a bid? Do you simply email an estimate, allowing the customer flexibility, or do you drop it off in person, giving yourself a chance to review the numbers with the customer? Certainly the latter requires planning and time that you or the customer may not have. The former, on the other hand, is a quick no-nonsense option. However quick, it does rely on a wish and a prayer that it gets accepted. Let’s dig in.

Emailing an estimate

Emailing an estimate has arguably become the name of the game. It’s quick, it’s easy and it avoids face to face time. But, how do you feel about this? Using Clear Estimates, you can email an estimate right from your account, it’s that easy. Everyone is on email these days, so they are bound to have an address you can send that estimate to, that gets read within a few hours. Customers who are busy, or just don’t care about the numbers are quick to accept and schedule work. It’s all gravy until this point. You’ve got the job and it was as easy as sending an estimate.

Printing an Estimate

The in person printed estimate is somewhat a thing of the past. However, there is something to be said about an in person meeting. Printing an estimate and bringing it to the customer is a nice personal touch. It allows the two of you to get some face time, a chance to present your legitimacy and to prove you are worthy of entering someone else’s sacred space. It also gives you a chance to justify the numbers. There are many things that go into an estimate that homeowners don’t understand. This is your chance to justify those things and clearly explain this is not HGTV. It’s a chance to bring out your inner salesman. How are you going to close this bid? The best chance to close a deal is in person.


There are pros and cons to both approaches and it really comes down to the particular customer, and even how free you are to meet in person. If you feel the job does not require an in person meeting, then emailing might be the best route. If it is a multiple part kitchen remodel, then maybe it is best to sit down and discuss the estimate. As the contractor, it is up to you to gauge the potential client, and what will help close the sale the best.

What do you think, print or email?

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