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Guest Post from Brian Javeline of MyOnlineToolbox, an award winning marketing education & planning company specific to the construction industry.

It is never too late to make a change, especially when you are planning to Get More Quality Leads.  And of course it is smart to plan to provide those leads with More Quality Estimates.  This turns into more quality sales and more quality profits.

Here is a short story to help motivate anyone who is looking to enhance their Marketing, or perhaps their Estimating, or perhaps BOTH.

MyOnlineToolbox is a leader in online marketing, specializing in the residential and commercial construction space.

In late 2015 we met a contractor who was doing great but was nowhere to be found online.  We worked with him for awhile to get him organized to create a website designed to generate more quality leads.  We even have a Case Study for this specific customer.  Years went by and this Residential & Commercial Remodeler continued to grow.  Towards the end of last year we asked him “So how are you keeping up with everything?”.  One of his answers was “Well we have been using an Estimating tool from a company called Clear Estimates.”

So we spent a little time getting to learn about one another and then created a joint webinar in the Summer of 2019.  This presentation really set the stage for contractors to clearly see how they can begin to attract better lead opportunities followed by what to do next with estimating.

MyOnlineToolbox is always promoting that it is never too late to change.  And boy oh boy, do we have to promote one of the biggest procrastinators yet.  MyOnlineToolbox started working with a Residential Remodeler years ago, and he just dragged out the process.  But he finally did it and now has an online marketing environment that is matching the quality of his actual business.  And he did want to share his success story too in this video.

His success doesn’t stop there.  After he got his marketing in order, even though it seemed like it took forever, he was ready to tackle the next topic.  And that topic was Estimating.  So of course our customer would try something that he heard about.  And viola, another success story in both Marketing and Estimating was born.

Break the mold and stop waiting to plan for a change. Want better customers next year? Then start planning for them “yesterday”. It will take some time to methodically organize yourself to market correctly. That begins with a Marketing Plan or an update to your existing Marketing Plan. And many do not want to embrace this fact, but it will take months for these efforts to all come together after you are done. This includes making the correct updates to your website, Facebook and YouTube for Social Sharing, Google Reviews, etc. So start today, then take a few months to organize yourself slowly, and then start to reap the rewards sometime in Q1 with momentum picking up around Q2. It is amazing how one’s business can change for life once you actually do something about it.

Or perhaps you have your marketing all organized but the next step in estimating is a mess.  Guess what, your future potential customer will not care and may simply go to your competitor since they are able to respond quicker with a more professional estimating process.

Don’t use the excuse you are busy and waiting for things to slow down. Guess what? That is the same thing the majority of your peers are saying. Ever wonder what the top companies do different than you to be overly successful? Much of it is not magic. Much of it is basic business practices and the making a decision to make a change.

MyOnlineToolbox and Clear Estimates is excited to have joint clients, whether older or newer, being so successful.  We wish them continued success and hope for that to rub off on others who are still on the sidelines considering a change in their business practices.

Brian Javeline

Brian is co-founder of MyOnlineToolbox, an award winning marketing education & planning company specific to the construction industry.

Thanks for reading!

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