Why our Subscription Prices are Changing

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September 27, 2022

What's Happening

On October 11th, 2022, Clear Estimates will be raising the price of subscriptions to our estimating product. All existing users will retain their current pricing with no changes as long as your subscription remains active. The plans themselves will remain the same, with offerings for our Standard or our PRO plans as well as the option to pay monthly or annually (with a discount).

If you still want to access Clear Estimates for as little as $59/mo, you still can! We will be offering an annual subscription to our Standard plan for $708/yr which is $59/mo. That way you can get the same great rate for your estimates just by committing to a full year at a time.

Since the Last Time We Changed Prices

Clear Estimates had set our previous prices in 2007, meaning we have not raised the price of our software in 15 years! A lot has changed in that time, in the world and with Clear Estimates. Here are just some of the things we've added in just the last couple of years:

New Features

  • Greatly improved mobile estimating
  • Improved invoicing tool, create invoices directly from Projects Page
  • Property Data (lot size, bathrooms, heating type, sq. footage, etc.) added for Pro accounts
  • Live syncing integration with Quickbooks Online
  • Easily offer financing options to your customers
  • Individually set the markup for line items
  • Fine-grained part cost customization

Making the Software Easier to Use

  • Redesigned, easy to navigate Projects Page interface
  • In-line editing features for Category, Material Cost, Labor Cost, Sub Cost and Description.
  • Flexibility with line item ordering and part category selection
  • Improved flexibility with reports

Material Cost Library

  • Extra price updates in addition to the quarterly updates (6 in 2021 & on pace for 6 in 2022)
  • Redesigned part search, seamless search filtering
  • Behind-the-scenes database re-architecting which will result in performance upgrades, better price auditing, and more!


  • Brand new Help Center website, easier to navigate and find what you're looking for
  • Hundreds of new tutorial videos
  • Hundreds of new articles and tutorial walkthroughs

What is Next

With this update to our subscription prices, we plan to continue to bring new useful tools to our estimating software. Including a massively improved search function for find parts and templates, shared community templates you can access from other users, more customization options on reports, and more!

What is happening to my subscription?

Jack Dean
Jack Dean