What’s New at Clear Estimates? Summer 2022 Updates

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August 22, 2022

Every contractor knows how critical it is to have a reliable, up-to-date estimating tool. That’s why at Clear Estimates, we work hard to make estimating easy! We do this by focusing on customer feedback – so we can build new features, and improve your experience.

We’ve recently updated a number of features, so your estimating is easier than ever!

Here’s what’s new in Clear Estimates:

All new, mobile optimized Projects page

  • Brand new, responsive Projects Page for improved mobile estimating
  • Redesigned part search interface, with seamless search filtering
  • Redesigned Add Templates tool
  • New, in-line editing ability for Category, Material Cost, Labor Cost,  Sub Cost and Description columns.
  • Flexible part categories, allowing you to adjust part categories per-project, and easily change line item order.
  • New, easy-to-find tools dropdowns
  • Create invoices directly from your Projects Page

    See all the improvements here:
    What’s Different?

New “Title” fields for Alternates and Components

  • You can now add both “Titles” and “Descriptions” to project sections, so it’s easier to outline your project details – by section!

Customer and project filtering for part actions & duplicate

  • Instead of scrolling through a long project list, now you can easily filter projects by customer! Now, you can copy or move parts between projects with just a few clicks!

New Export Project Tool

  • New column customization added to your Export Project tool, making it easy to customize your reports on mobile!

Alternate Line item details in proposals

  • You now have the ability to include the full details of your Alternate on your proposals! To enable this, head to Options > Report Settings!

Project Date and Project Name variables

  • New variables added for your boilerplate headings! Now you can insert the current date, or project name, into your boilerplate automatically!
    No need to type those in for each project. Now you can set it once, and forget it!

In addition to routine updates, we’ve also fixed a few issues:

Improved iPad scrolling

  • We’ve fixed the Project Parts interface for iPads, making it much easier to scroll through your part list on any device!

Improved customer search on Home page

  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Home page search tool, so you can search for projects and customers! Now, you can quickly find and open a customer’s profile, directly from your Home page search.

At Clear Estimates, it’s our goal to provide the best estimating solution possible. Your experience with our software is our top priority – because at the end of the day, we’re building this software for you. Your thoughts and suggestions help us build a better product, and we’re thrilled to announce these recent improvements!

Michael Croteau
Michael Croteau