Tips for Landing High Value Remodeling Projects

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July 27, 2023

Now more than ever, it's important to seek out high value projects as a remodeler. 

Setting yourself apart from the competition is key when it comes to landing big ticket jobs, especially when you’re trying to stay profitable in a competitive market. 

Here are a few tips for landing higher value projects as you head into the busy season! 

Improve Your Sales Strategy

According to Forbes, your sales strategy is key when seeking out profitable projects to take on.  

Forbes says that you should know your clients' pain points, and why the homeowner needs your services in order to solve those problems.

They recommend having a solid understanding of the problem you are solving right from the get go.

Do your research and find out as much as possible about your client and their needs, before even scheduling that first meeting. Learn details such as the year the home was constructed, details about the neighborhood, tax history and any other details you can gather prior to meeting with the homeowner. 

Forbes explains,

“You should not make recommendations before understanding what the core problems are and how you can effectively solve them [...] understand potential needs and pain points, you will begin to master remodeling sales.”

Read the full article from Forbes here:

Forbes - How To Sell High Value Projects as a Remodeling Business Owner

Through Clear Estimates’ integration with ATTOM Data Solutions, it's easy to get detailed information about your client’s property - including home square footage, heating and cooling and zoning information - so you can be ready for that first meeting.

Be The Solution Your Client Needs

Not only is it important to know your client, it is also important to know how you can help them!

Arm your sales team with reasons the homeowner should choose you over your competitor. This goes beyond just showing examples of previous projects; you should focus on how you can answer their specific needs. 

A homeowner may have had a frustrating experience with a previous contractor. Set expectations up front by offering solutions from the beginning. 

Focus on things like: 

  • How your services can save the homeowner money and aggravation in the long run
  • Reassuring the client of your reliability and professionalism  
  • Your commitment to addressing their needs in a timely manner

According to Webrunner Contractor Marketing, you should

"Address objections before they come up. For example, if you’re priced at the top end of your market, bring up the price before the customer asks, and then justify it: ‘We’re not the cheapest, but we don’t cut corners[...]’"

When your client has confidence that you can address their needs effectively, you’ll have a much better chance of landing a valuable contract. 

Read the full list of tips from Webrunner Contractor Marketing here:

Webrunner Contractor Marketing - 7 Contractor Sales Tips for Closing More Deals

It’s easy to be transparent with your project costs using Clear Estimates. Using our software, you can present a detailed proposal your client can easily understand - and help overcome any objections to your price.

Decrease Your Response Time

Speaking of reliability, it's crucial to respond to new leads quickly. 

In today's fast paced world, response time is key when landing sales opportunities. Today’s consumers have a need for speed when it comes to purchasing goods and services, so meeting that expectation can make all the difference in your sales process.

According to Forbes,

“Companies don’t respond fast enough to leads. In fact, they take 46 hours and 53 minutes to pick up the phone and respond to a lead.”

Decreasing your response time can have a significant impact on the types of deals you can close. Forbes calls this the “Wow factor”, saying that fast response times instill confidence in the homeowner - and make them feel like they matter. This makes a world of difference when seeking out high value clients.

Read the full article from Forbes here:

Forbes - Why Companies Waste 71% of Internet Leads

Clear Estimates saves countless hours estimating your projects, so you can return that estimate to the homeowner just as quickly as you answered their initial call. See a great example of how Clear Estimates can save you time here! 

Up Your Social Media Game

In this day and age, a lot of marketing takes place online. No matter the size of the projects you take on, having an online presence can help set you apart.

Social media is a game changer to reach potential clients, as well as foster trust with your customer base. Posting examples of your projects on your social media profile can be a great way to show off your portfolio. 

Plus, it's a powerful way to interact with potential clients, highlight your company’s values and help leads get to know you as a contractor.

Remodeling Magazine recommends using social media to show your clients who you are:

“Taking social media off the field and using it for friendly interactions with customers and colleagues lightens the mood and lets a company’s real personality shine.”

Read the full article from Remodeling Magazine here:

Remodeling Magazine - How To Develop a Social Media Strategy

Speaking of marketing, don’t forget to keep yourself top of mind with previous clients. Clear Estimates makes it easy to export customer lists and create marketing campaigns for your existing clients, see a full example here!

At Clear Estimates, we offer the estimation tools and cost data you need to stay competitive and land high value projects. Start a free 30 day trial of Clear Estimates today and set yourself apart from the crowd!

Michael Croteau
Michael Croteau