2023 Template Release Timeline

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August 17, 2023

New Template Schedule

We spent some time talking with customers to see what improvements would be helpful and a lot of users requested additional templates. So, in 2023 we worked on expanding our template library. We've developed a ton of new templates and you'll see almost 200 new ones throughout the rest of this year. Check out our 14 week release plan below!

Site Work & Landscaping

Released August 17, 2023

With these templates you can seamlessly create estimates for replacing driveways, walkways, patios, fencing, and more!

Check out the full list of released templates here.


Released August 24, 2023

Create estimates for painting and staining decks, or for replacing all or parts of a deck with these templates.

Check out the full list of released templates here.

Roofing & Gutters

Released August 29,2023

Use these templates for all of your roofing repair and replacement needs; we've included a variety of shingle types for your convenience.

Check out the full list of released templates here.

Windows, Doors & Skylights

Released September 7, 2023

Replace a variety of doors, garage doors, skylights, and windows with this collection of templates.

Check out the full list of released templates here.

Siding & Exterior

Released September 14, 2023

With these templates you can quickly create estimates for brick tuck pointing, caulking, trim and siding replacement & more!

Check out the full list of released templates here.

Laundry Room

Released September 21, 2023

Use these templates for a variety of laundry room replacement projects, including cabinets, washing machines, dryers, and tubs.

Check out the full list of released templates here.


Coming Late September 2023

Replace cabinets, backsplash, countertops, appliances & so much more with this extensive template release.


Coming Early October 2023

This collection of templates includes flooring replacement templates for 20+ different types of flooring, along with a couple other flooring related templates.


Coming Mid-October 2023

These templates will help you create estimates for repairing beams, joists, wall cracks, and damaged plywood subfloor.


Coming Mid-October 2023

Here's a couple bonus templates for miscellaneous projects!


Coming Mid-October 2023

Replace a variety of bathroom features such as faucets, fans, lights, sinks, ceramic tile, cabinets and so much more with this substantial template release.

Electrical & Lighting

Coming Late October 2023

With these templates you can create estimates for a variety of electrical and ceiling fan replacements, as well as installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Utilities, Mechanicals & HVAC

Coming Early November 2023

This large template release covers a variety of projects, including replacement templates for boilers, AC, furnaces, sump pump, water heaters, and more.


Coming Early November 2023

Add insulation to an attic or crawlspace with this collection of insulation project templates.

Have suggestions for templates to add?

We'd like to add even more templates to our software in 2024, and we want to know what will be helpful for you! Click here to contact us and let us know which templates you'd love to see in future updates.

Jack Dean
Jack Dean