Special Material Price Update: August 2021

Pricing Trends
August 24, 2021

Update your material prices with a few clicks

Every quarter Clear Estimates updates the material price for every region in the U.S., for all 10,000 parts in the database. These updates are available with just a few clicks in your Clear Estimates Software. Because of rapidly changing prices, we've updated early this quarter to make sure you have the most accurate pricing possible!

Just go to the "Update" Tool and click the blue refresh button to the right of your price region. Clear Estimates will do the rest!

Still not sure what to do? Click Here To See how to use the price update tool.

Here are the highlights from this update:

  • Dimensional lumber decreased 25%
  • Plywood dropped by 42%
  • Pressure-treated decking has gone down 27%
  • Stud costs down 59%

Reminder: The last update included some of the highest prices we've ever seen! While prices have largely come down from their highs in recent weeks, they are still well above what we normally see.

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Jack Dean
Jack Dean