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July 15, 2023

Want to Make Your Invoices Payable? 

Any contractor knows the best part of the job is getting paid! That’s why Clear Estimates offers payable invoicing through our partners, Clearent by Xplor!

Clearent by Xplor offers simplified payment acceptance, easy payment reconciliation, and is the only payment solution fully integrated into Clear Estimates.

How Does It Work?

Once you’re signed up with Clearent, you’ll connect your payment terminal to Clear Estimates.

Then, any invoices you send from Clear Estimates will include your payment terminal - meaning your clients can pay you instantly!

Through Clearent by Xplor, processing payments has never been easier:

  • Seamless, simplified payment acceptance within Clear Estimates
  • Reduce time spent managing two systems
  • Accepts ALL major credit cards and ACH payments
  • Safely take payments and make deposits directly into your account
  • Easier payment reconciliation and online reporting
  • Low transaction fees on ACH and credit card payments
  • Instantly create payable invoices from your estimates!

Clear Estimates customers process an average of $15,000 in monthly payments through Clearent by Xplor

Get 2 Free Months of Clear Estimates!

Plus, get 2 FREE MONTHS of Clear Estimates when you process $250 in payments by September 15th.

Ready to get started? Click the link below to connect with a Clearent by Xplor rep:

Connect with a Clearent Rep!

Find out how easy it is to connect Clearent to Clear Estimates:
Connect Clearent to Your Account

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Michael Croteau
Michael Croteau