New Feature: Email Proposal Directly to Client

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January 18, 2017

Hi Everyone,

We’ve rolled out a new feature allowing you to email your proposals (reports) directly to the client from Clear Estimates. You can still download the proposal to Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF, but this provides you with a quicker alternative when you find yourself in a rush.

To email the proposal directly to a client, you’ll first want to head into “Reports” and click the report you would like to send out, either “Preliminary”, “Formal” or “Subcontractor”. Once you select the proper report, click “Send to Customer”.


A new window will pop up giving you the opportunity to scribe an email that will go along with the report. Go ahead and adjust the information as you see fit - when you are all finished, click “Send”.

ClearEstimates_Online_-_Reports_-_Preliminary 2

If you have any suggestions for future features please drop us a line at:

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Alex Krull
Alex Krull