Holiday Marketing Tips for Contractors

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October 30, 2023

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's no secret that work tends to slow down for contractors.

As most homeowners are busy during the holidays, they may not be focused on starting new home projects. Business often grinds to a halt for contractors and home maintenance professionals during these months.

Even during slow periods, it's important to keep your name top of mind for clients. There are plenty of ways contractors can show appreciation for existing customers, and even tout your portfolio to new leads!

Here are a few tips for sending out holiday marketing campaigns to your client rolodex. 

Holiday Emails 

Emails are a great way to engage homeowners during slow months. Since many companies launch marketing campaigns around the holidays, you’ll want something that stands out.

Focus on things like subject lines. A good subject line will catch your client’s attention and reinforce your company’s brand. Having a personalized subject line that greets your client by name can be a huge plus!

Consider using calls to action that create a sense of urgency. For example, details about a time sensitive promotion or deal can lead to more clicks.

HubSpot CRM offers email templates for almost every holiday! Take a look at these great email templates from HubSpot:

HubSpot - Holiday Email Templates for Sales

Using Clear Estimates Pro's Zapier integration, you can send your client info directly to HubSpot - or any CRM on the Zapier service!

Holiday Postcards

Postcards are another great way to keep your company top of mind. Sending a postcard can help you reconnect with homeowners, thank them for their business, and set yourself apart from competitors.

Using Clear Estimates’ customer list export option, you can easily set up a postcard mailing campaign! Take a look at this walkthrough on creating holiday postcards from your Clear Estimates customer list:

Click here to watch this tutorial on our help center! 

Holiday Discounts 

Another great way to boost sales is to offer special discounts to loyal customers during slow months. A gift or incentive to take on a project with your company can help bolster your company image and win jobs. 

According to Constant Contact, business owners should:

“Offer a unique bonus for customers who contract with you over the holidays, like a gift card to a local store they can use for holiday shopping. You can also keep it simple and offer a percent off sale.” 

Take a look at the full list of tips from Constant Contact here:

Constant Contact - Holiday Marketing Ideas for Home Services

With Clear Estimates’ Misc. Items feature, you can quickly add discounts to any project! See the full steps here:

Clear Estimates - Adding Taxes & Discounts

Using your Clear Estimates client list, you can easily set up marketing campaigns for the holidays. Use your preferred email marketing tool to send out your promotion, and leave the estimating to us!

Michael Croteau
Michael Croteau