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November 19, 2018

How to provide the best customer experience as a remodeling company

Customer service is a determining factor for many homeowners when it comes to choosing a NJ home remodeling company to do their renovation work. If two remodeling companies were exactly the same except for their level of customer care, the homeowner will choose the one that offers better customer service every time. In addition, a study done by the Forum Corporation has found that 40% of today’s consumers will switch to a competitor simply to receive better service.

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Why Good Customer Service is Important

In order to be successful within the remodeling industry, one needs to provide high-quality service in addition to a beautifully finished renovation. The remodeling business depends on repeat customers and their referrals. The loyalty one builds, and the amount of business they receive, is directly related to the customer’s experience. The company’s primary purpose needs to be customer service. Treating clients as if they are long-term assets to the business will lead to success.

Customers are now demanding good service from the businesses they patronize. Unfortunately, customer service in this country leaves a lot to be desired. It is a neglected aspect of any industry. If one is willing to invest the necessary money, time, and effort needed to achieve good customer service, they will be greatly rewarded. The benefits a remodeling company can expect include an increase in referrals, a more competitive edge in the remodeling industry, and an increase in customer loyalty as well as higher profits.

How to Provide the Best Customer Service

In order to give good customer service, a home remodeling company needs to know what they are selling inside and out. When it comes to renovations, this means keeping up on the latest trends as well as fully understanding the traditional elements of architecture and home decor. The company needs to be ready for any question the customer may have and be able to provide a prompt answer. If they don't know the answer, they need to explain to the homeowner that they will look into it as soon as possible and get back with them quickly.

The best customer service begins with friendliness. Home remodeling company owners and staff should be using a warm smile when greeting or meeting a customer face to face. Even when on the phone, a smile will come through in the tone of one’s voice.

A home remodeling company with good customer service will always show gratitude when dealing with a client. This reminds them why they chose this company to do their remodeling project. One needs to make sure that everyone that will be in contact with a customer understands exactly what good customer service is. Every individual that is in contact with a client is actually representing the remodeling business and needs to treat the customer with respect.

A home remodeling company with good customer service will also listen and be responsive to their client’s needs. They will answer questions and resolve problems quickly and efficiently. When they can't, a representative of the company should explain that they will look into the issue immediately and get back to the customer as soon as possible. They need to be able to see the problem from the customer’s point of view, and they should be asking themselves how they would feel while living with a remodeling project that is in process. Many times, all the homeowner is looking for is a little compassion.

The final step in providing good customer service is to ask for feedback. A remodeling company that stands behind their work won't be afraid to hear what the homeowner thinks of the finished project. This feedback allows a renovation company to understand the needs of their clients. They can continue to offer services that are appreciated and tweak areas that the customer may not have been completely happy with.

The Benefits of Great Customer Service

A remodeling company will be rewarded for their efforts with a loyal clientele and prospective customers that will be willing to pay a little extra for a company that will work with them and understands their concerns. By offering good customer service and following up on projects, a renovation business will stand out among their competition. No matter what industry one looks at, customers will pay up to 10% more if they know they will get high-quality service as well as quality products.

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An unhappy customer is more likely to search for on the job problems. Even if they don't find any other issues, they are also more likely to pay their final bill late. This can cost the renovation company in both goodwill and money.

By offering good service, a remodeling business will end up with satisfied customers and an improved profit margin. The best ones will develop their internal and external systems around effectively satisfying the customer every time. A strong customer service strategy is the key to improving growth and competition. It will even give one an edge when it comes to standing out among the competition.

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Alex Krull