Export Reports to Microsoft Word

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September 8, 2014

I mentioned in the last post that we are in the process of improving Clear Estimates Online and you may have started to see those changes. Just today, we've added the capability for you to export your reports to Microsoft Word.

This means you can have full control over how the report looks before you send it to your customer. Open the report in Word and you'll be able to edit any part of it (just like any other Word document).

To download the MS Word format of your report, just hover your mouse over "Print Preview" in the desired report. This will let you select between "PDF" or "MS Word Document". Clicking "PDF" will let you preview the document just like before. But now by selecting "MS Word" you'll be able to download the MS Word document to your computer.

This is a great addition and one of the most commonly requested features for Clear Estimates. Good luck, and we hope this is valuable for you and your business!

Jack Dean
Jack Dean