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January 24, 2024

Employee scheduling can be a challenge for any remodeling company. From managing employee productivity to accommodating your crew’s work-life balance, scheduling a crew can be time consuming - and for managers, it can seem like a never ending task.

Fortunately, there are a number of free and low cost tools available to take the stress out of schedule management. Take a look at just a few popular solutions below!

Please note: Clear Estimates does not integrate directly with the tools listed here, but we do see many clients use solutions like these alongside Clear Estimates! 


Homebase is an employee scheduling and time clock tool. Homebase offers a simple mobile app your crew can use to log their hours. Employees can clock in and out from their mobile device with ease, and it includes tools to track hours, log overtime, manage PTO and more. 

Learn all about Homebase here: 

Homebase - Take control of everyday work


Connecteam is a powerful mobile app for team management and employee scheduling. Connecteam offers scheduling templates, recurring shift & availability settings. It also offers tools to streamline time off requests, distribute shifts and manage time conflicts. Connecteam has both free and low cost plans for small businesses.

Learn more about Connecteam here: 

Connecteam - Manage your entire team

Zoho Shifts

Zoho Shifts offers a mobile friendly application specifically for employee scheduling. Zoho Shifts easily handles time off requests, maximizes project productivity, and even allows for remote check-ins from the job site. Zoho Shifts offers free and low cost plans.

Find out more about Zoho Shifts here:

Zoho Shifts -  Scheduling and time tracking made simple

We've listed a few popular options above, but there are countless employee scheduling tools to choose from. Take a look at even more great options here.

Clear Estimates focuses on the estimating, to offer the best estimating solution possible. Use your preferred solution to handle your crew schedule, and leave the estimating to us!

- The Clear Estimates Team

Michael Croteau
Michael Croteau