2023 New Features in Review

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April 4, 2024

As we move into 2024, we want to thank our customers for helping us improve Clear Estimates over the past year!

Thanks to user submitted feedback, we’ve been able to add new features and tools to make estimating even easier. We’ve also been able to start work on new updates for 2024, all sourced from real customer suggestions!

Let’s take a look at what you helped us build in 2023:

Save project as template
One of our most requested features, this tool makes it easy to save a completed project as a new template in your account - saving countless hours on future estimates.
Completed December 13
Hide misc. Items
An option to hide Misc. Cost items on your proposal, so extra percentages can be added to your project without displaying on reports. 
Completed October 16
Remove "General Project Contents" subtotals
More control over your proposal format with the option to hide subtotals for project sections.
Completed May 10
Date selection for proposals
More flexibility with the option to edit the date at the top of the estimate.
Completed June 6
Search feature in Parts tool
The ability to filter parts within the Part Library, making it easier to find parts for quick edits.
Completed  June 21
Multiple addresses
An option to add a second address line to your proposal submitted to section. 
Completed October 16

We’ve also been able to add over 200 new templates to your library in 2023, along with major improvements to the Parts and Templates tools.

Not to mention, we’ve already added an option for Project Numbering in Q1 2024, completed February 14!

This is all possible thanks to customer feedback from our Feature Request page, where users can request and vote on new Clear Estimates features.

To access the Feature Request page, click Support > Feature Requests from the top of Clear Estimates:

Clear Estimates Feature Request Page

Thanks again for helping us make 2023 a great year for product updates! Thanks to your continued feedback, we’ll be adding even more great features in 2024. Be on the lookout for more updates!

Michael Croteau
Michael Croteau