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I’d like to thank everyone who showed up for the webinar with Wyatt Knight the other day, we had over 400 signups! A really amazing turnout that only encourages us to get more of these things rolling!

As we all learned, it’s no secret creating a profitable estimate can be difficult. Hours can be spent filling in dimensions, pricing out quantities or even determining hours for labor. How strategic is it to you if one estimate eats up half of your day? That’s exactly what we had in mind when we partnered with Wyatt Knight. We thought, how can we get our customers making quicker estimates? As a company that prides itself on being a simple software for contractors, we wanted to bring an industry expert in to help you create estimates in minutes, not hours. Wyatt gave an awesome tutorial on how to cut the fat off of your estimates – saving you time and, in turn, making for a more profitable business. Wyatt mentioned that he used to “spend so much time estimating”, and that he wasn’t sure if his estimates were even accurate. Most importantly though, he would ask, “did I make money on that job?” Like Wyatt, no contractor should have to go through this. Using Clear Estimates gets rid of that level of uncertainty. Wyatt emphasized that using our software to create estimates is a surefire way to avoid overspending or underestimating. Thousands of contractors underbid their jobs every day, all because of a lousy estimate. There really is no excuse though. With what is available today, and with the convenience of the cloud, estimating has never been easier.

A Couple Tips from Wyatt

  • Some of you asked, “How should I estimate if I am on the job site and do not have access to the internet or Clear Estimates?”
    Wyatt recommends that you create an estimate in your office, using Microsoft Word. Create a proposal that can be altered in Word. Bring your device, with that Word doc loaded on it to the job site and alter figures as you need. Come back to the office and plug new information into Clear Estimates.
  • Some of you asked, “What is the Cost vs Value model, and how does it apply to a customer’s home?”
    Wyatt mentioned that it is important to note the cost of something vs the value that it will bring to a home. For example, the cost of a kitchen remodel might be $18,000, and the value of performing that remodel might raise the tag of the home by $50,000. This is an example of a great cost vs value scenario. Of course, this can go the other way too, and that is why must be aware of the things that have a high cost relative to the value it will bring.

Thanks again to everyone that was with us for the webinar with Wyatt Knight. Like I mentioned before, we had over 400 signups! This is definitely something that will be taking center stage moving forward.

For those of you that missed us, the link to watch the webinar for free is below, as well as a way for you to sign up for webinar email alerts.

Wyatt Knight Kitchen Webinar


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