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If you are a NARI member like us, you probably saw their e-mail this morning about how to run your business from your iPad. There is no doubt that the use of mobile devices is a great way to run your business effficiently from anywhere. No longer do you need to go back to your office to find a piece of information you worked on a few days ago.

In the remodeling and contracting industry, this can mean huge savings in efficiency. You can respond to customers quickly, have more information at your fingertips when on the job site, and your customers will see you as a modern professional.

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend trying Clear Estimates on your iPad. Just go to your browser and go to (just like on your computer) and login, no need to find an app to download. Clear Estimates should be one of the many tools you use on your mobile devices to help run your business.

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