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Tracking employee hours

As a contractor, it is necessary to track your employee hours. At the end of the day, you need to know if the hours you’ve estimated have come out close to actual hours on the job. What’s the best way to track this? It’s very easy to under or over estimate if you simply let it fly by with very little oversight. There’s always the easy way of punching in and punching out. It works, but requires you to manage a paper trail, and depend on workers to not lose their cards. Since we’re in the electronic era, let’s take a look at a few modern alternatives.

These days, there are many apps that can help you track your employee time. A few that come to mind are ExakTime, TSheets, and ClockShark. These apps are downloadable to your phone and help you manage employee time sheets. The general purpose of them is to make sure your employees get paid for the work they do, without driving you nuts. We all know paper trails can make us go a little crazy.

What these apps do

Generally speaking, these apps give your employees an electronic, easier way to clock their time. Basically, you download to your phone and clock in and out each day. This reduces double entries, provides you with real-time data, avoids labor issues and most importantly, makes your life much easier. Imagine having all of this information stored in one place for you to access. When payroll comes around, you can easily integrate these apps with Quickbooks. This gives you a seamless transition to your accounting software. Never worry about double entries again! As the contractor, you have full access to everything. This means you’ll be able to see who hasn’t shown up a certain day and make some calls for extra help.


Like we mentioned above, many of these tools will integrate right into an accounting software, usually Quickbooks. This allows invoicing to occur simply off the data entered to the software. Again, no double entry required. This eases the pain on your employees as well as yourself.

Mobile, and offline friendly

Many of these programs are downloaded to your phone, and can, therefore, work offline. This is great if you are working in a remote area, or simply don’t have internet access. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you should be able to begin clocking in and out. Most importantly, mobile-friendly gives you the opportunity to implement something like this in the first place. Almost everyone has a smartphone and carries it with them all day. There are no excuses for missing a clock in or out with a system like this in place.

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