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On 10/1/2012 we uploaded the most recent pricing data. All subscribers should have received a notification email from RemodelMAX. Some of the pricing trends that RemodelMAX chose to highlight are as follows:

Lumber and plywood costs heading upward.

  • Plywood costs up 5-10% in most areas.
  • Stud costs rise by 10% across the board.
  • Dimensional lumber costs stayed flat increasing 5-10% in a few areas.
  • Drywall costs increased 10-20% in most areas.
  • Roofing costs remained constant with minor adjustments in a few areas.
  • Insulation cThe New Reality

Below please find a great article we thought you might find relevant!

The New Reality

by Kenneth W. Betz
Qualified Remodeler
August 10, 2012

It has become a tradition for Qualified Remodeler editors, in conjunction with the compilation of each year’s Top 500 list, to ask those fortunate enough to be included in the latest edition of the list for their thoughts about the state of the industry and their prognostications for the future. The economic and housing trends that began in 2008 have become the new reality for most remodelersnot just a temporary downturn but part of a trend that will likely endure for the foreseeable future. Most remodelers who have been in business for any length of time are no strangers to the cyclical nature of the business, but many are saying the current economic adjustment is unlike any they have ever experienced.

Jobs are smaller. Clients are more demanding and more price-conscious than ever and come with a new set of expectations, a phenomenon driven in part by social media and the sheer amount of information available online. Competition is more ruthless than ever. Remodelers are doing things and taking on jobs they never thought they would just to survive.

And yet, those who have weathered this stormand others before itremain optimistic and ready to meet challenges, armed in part with traditional values and principles but willing to apply those philosophies to a new set of circumstances.

Also, they’re willing and eager to talk about what they’ve experienced during the past several years. The response to this year’s questionnaire was overwhelming, delivering far more responses than can be shared in these pages.
osts return to normal.

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