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Tape Measure to Rock the Market

Long have we fumbled to find a pencil to make a measurement, or to lock down the tape when we need to grab a dimension way up high. What about those dull numbers that seem to be ever so slightly off? It’s the little things like these that can make a small task so frustrating. What if we had something that could ease this process, you know, like an all in one? Introducing the Quick Draw Measuring Tape – a tape measure to rule them all.








This bad boy isn’t your standard tape measure, it has a built in graphite marker, enhanced visual precision, the ability to create standing circles, as well as both inches/feet and centimeters/meters. The biggest feature here is by far the graphite marker. This allows you to lose the pencil and mark measurements on the spot, using just one hand. Not only will this save time, but it will also give you near perfect measurements. To compliment this, Quick Draw has installed their “TRU-VIEW” patented technology which eliminates the parallax effect and makes the tape measure the “most accurate in the world”. One handed accurate measurements? Count us in.


(Click the image above to see it in action)

The graphite marker is good for up to 2000 marks per load. When you’re out, simply “load and lock” a new piece of graphite, and just like that you are ready to mark again. Another cool feature is the ability to create a perfect circle or any kind of angle. You can do so by locking the tape, holding down the end, and dragging a circle. So whether you’re trying to get a one-handed measurement way up high, drawing a perfect circle, or just crunched for time, consider picking up a Quick Draw Tape Measure.

Check out the Quick Draw Tape Measure Here

Source: http://quickdrawprotape.com/

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