Run Your Remodeling Company Like You Own It….Because You Do!

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Run Your Remodeling Company Like You Own It….Because You Do!

Many of our clients own their remodeling company and run it well. That’s not to say there might be one or two dark horses out there. If you’re concerned about the way things are going, or are curious how you can make things better, this article might serve you a purpose. These are some words originally shared by Remodeling Magazine, you can find them here.

The struggle to run a company is justified. There’s a reason you are the one to take on the task, as not everyone can do it. You’ve got to manage personnel, numbers, logistics and, well just about everything else. Perhaps the most important, though, is your ability to manage your employees. Employees are the lifeblood of your business. Bottom line is, if you do good work, you’re bound to get more work. In a previous article, we talked about hiring and maintaining a great workforce, well, this kind of ties into that.

So, let’s talk about managing employees. First of all, there’s no real training on the topic. Managing is about getting a feel for what’s going on. Understanding everyone around you and their various personalities is crucial. Managing is about being a leader, and a constructive one. Let’s be honest too, you didn’t start this company to manage people, you started it because you had a vision for something big. Not everyone starts business’ and there’s something to say about those that do. This vision of yours has to carry over to your management practices, too. You’ve got to practice what you preach.

Make sure everyone is on par with your message

What are your core values? What is your mission statement? Be sure your team knows all about these two as they are the unseen drivers of attitude. When your team sees you carrying out what you’ve been harping on, it brings a sense of legitimacy. Post your values around the office, at the job site and even on your proposals to the client.

Family members are employees too

Dealing with family matters on the job? Many of us have worked with a relative in some capacity. The moment that happens, when it comes to work, they are another employee, nothing less and nothing more. As the owner, you can lose your credibility real fast by playing the favorites game. When on the clock, you’re two professionals working side by side. Remain objective to carry out your duties to the fullest of your extent.

How about that one guy?

Let’s take a step back. You cannot allow for anyone in your crew to make their own rules and call their own shots. Everyone works for you and is thus treated equally. If someone gets out of line, it is your job to put them in their place. Unfortunately, you can’t teach attitude, it’s something that comes with the help you hire. You don’t necessarily want the guy who’s really good at something, but brings a poor attitude to the table as he could be bringing others down.


Make your presence known. Your team needs to know the company mission statement as well as company goals so they can align themselves as such. Practice what you preach and be a leader – run your company.

Family members are employees too. They get no special treatment. If you mess this up, you’ve tarnished your reputation with other employees.

Superstars don’t belong in your company. Don’t be afraid to let go any loose cannons or anyone bringing down or undermining others.

Letting someone go is difficult, but it is one of your responsibilities.

This is your company, isn’t it?

The original article from Remodeling Magazine can be found here.
Thanks for reading!

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