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Hi Everyone –

This week we have introduced some major changes to Clear Estimates focused on adding parts and templates to your estimates. It’s now easier than ever to create your estimates. Our focus is on reducing typing time, clicking and scrolling…which means fast & easy estimating for you!

Here’s how estimating is easier:

  • Quick access to Parts & Templates = less clicking
  • Less time searching with our advanced search algorithm
  • See your whole estimate while you look for parts, no more clicking back & forth
  • Shortcut for viewing or sending your estimates to customers
  • Autosave, never worry about saving again

What our users are saying:

“Estimate at a much faster pace”

“True time saver”


All of these changes were made based off user feedback. We want to thank our users for being great and for allowing us to make changes that help them save time estimating.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Check out a specific video tutorial video on these changes here. OR, find an article here!


Thanks for reading and enjoy the updates!

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