Over 70 new templates added to Clear Estimates!

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Hi everyone! We are thrilled to announce that over 70 templates have been added to Clear Estimates.

Based off of your suggestions, we’ve added just over 70 templates for more of the most common remodeling jobs. This includes everything from basements to roofs. You suggested it and we added it!

  • Copper Roof Replacement (2 templates)
  • Basement Remodel (16 templates)
  • Fiberglass Roofing Replacement (28 templates)
  • Remodel Bedroom (9 templates)
  • Remodel Living Area (9 templates)
  • Slate Roof Replacement (8 templates)

You’ll find that we added many, many variations of each template, too. This is great because no two remodeling jobs are the same. The various template options we offer ensure that you’ll be able to get the best fit for your particular scope of work. We ‘ve also done something new and added “options” to these templates. Using options, you can specify things you are doing specifically for that job such as quality of flooring, or slope of the roof.

Click here to head into your account and check the templates out for yourself!


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