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Hello everyone!

We’ve heard from you that finding the parts you need for your project can be difficult and time consuming. Our goal is to save you time creating your estimates, so we knew we needed to improve the way you find and add parts to your project.

That’s why we’ve made a significant update to our software by adding an entire new page dedicated to helping you find the parts you need for your project. There is now a tab in your project in the top right (see screenshot below) that will bring you to the full page for searching parts. Check out the below video for how to use the new add parts screen.

This will let you see far more parts at one time so you can find the part you’re looking for far quicker. You can also add parts from this screen to the main project or to a component or alternate.

Finally, we’ve updated our search algorithm so you can get the results you’re looking for. As an example, if you search “removing” you’ll get results for any parts that have “remove” along with “removing” and other combinations.


You can find the add parts tab here in your project:

Add Parts Tab

Here’s a video:


We hope this helps and would be glad to listen to feedback.

Clear Estimates Team

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