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Nail the Sales Process of a Remodeling Job. Webinar hosted by Marketing Remodeling Expert, Kyle Hunt.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the webinar, we’ve had some great feedback and plan to focus on this topic in the near future. A special thank you to Kyle Hunt who did a fantastic job hosting a well spoken, energized and most of all, helpful webinar. For those of you who could not join us, here are a few takeaways.

Kyle took us through the process of capitalizing on an initial lead, meeting with the potential client, getting the remodeling job done, and producing a friendly follow up.


Here are the four basic steps to the process:

  1. The Initial Phone Call and Follow Up
  2. The In Person Meeting
  3. The Follow Up
  4. After the Project is Signed and Completed

All four steps are done with this in mind: Get the customer to know, like and trust you.


The Initial Phone Call and Follow Up

The customer calls you. How do you react? The main objective here is to uncover the reason for the call, while allowing the customer to get to know, like and trust you. Ask some questions about the potential project the customer is interested in. Have a sheet of basic questions ready. What kind of remodel were you looking to get done? How did you hear about us? The questions are key in warming up the customer to you. Tell them a little bit about your company, ask them some groundbreaking questions. All of this builds that Know, Like and Trust. When you feel comfortable, ask the customer about their price range, and tell them you will prepare them with some potential remodeling routes to take. Remember, the customer should be speaking more than you. You should be executing a friendly “probe” to build on their trust and get them to like you. This call is so important because it qualifies you. Plain and simple, we all know the first impression is what people remember. Be focused, friendly and show interest. Now it is time to send a follow up email to your initial phone call. Give them some resources as well as what to expect at the first meeting. Prepare some potential designs and be ready to bring your A game because when you meet in person, the potential client is really going to decide if they like you or not.

The In Person Meeting

This is the opportunity to truly get to know one another. Listen to the clients needs and desires. Understand what kind of remodeling needs to be done. Bring all the decision makers to the table for this one, it is important to get input from all sides. Bring some pictures of your previous remodeling work to give the client proof and credibility. At this point, the potential client has already agreed to meet with you, so it is important to come extremely prepared, as it is easier to lock down the job than it is to blow it. 


The Follow Up

After the in person meeting, allow the potential client to review everything that you had gone over. Don’t get too pushy for answers as that tends to turn people off. You also don’t want to be too lenient. Wait a few days and give them a friendly call. Remember some of the topics you had talked about in previous encounters and try to incorporate them. Ask them how they are feeling about the job. If you get a warm response, begin to set up some dates to lock down the job.


If I call a prospect, leave them a message, and they don’t get back to me, when is a good time to call them back? How long should I wait?

Follow up more than you think you should. Get creative, shoot them a text, maybe an email or a phone call. Bottom line, don’t be afraid, don’t give up so quick. If you have worked to get a lead – you want to act on it.


After the Project is Signed and Completed

Once you are paid, follow up in person. Have some questions prepared for the client, kind of like you had for the initial phone call. What did you like most about the project? What could we have improved on? Referrals are the ultimate goal here, but they are a long term play. You always want to do a fine job because that client will know someone down the road that will need a remodel done, and you might just get the work.

Pick up the phone and call say 5 previous contacts. Asks them how they are doing? Be proactive. When you get a hit, ask them to a BLB, Breakfast, Lunch or Beer. Meet with 3 BLBs a month. Develop a relationship that could guide you in the future. We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”. Build your contact list and reap the benefits.  


Remember to work on the business, as well as in the business. Always be willing to get more ideas to improve your company. We hope you found this webinar as useful as we did. You can find the youtube link below, as well as a link to our entire webinar series.

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Thanks again!


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