Material price updates are ready for 4Q 2015

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Update your material prices with a few clicks

Every quarter RemodelMAX updates the material price for every region in the U.S., for all 10,000 parts in the database. These updates are available with just a few clicks in your Clear Estimates Software.

Just go to the “Update” Tool and click the blue refresh button to the right of your price region URL. Clear Estimates will do the rest!

Still not sure what to do? Click here and watch Video #2 for how to use the price update tool.

Here are the highlights from this update:

  • Drywall costs unchanged
  • Dimensional lumber drops slightly in a few areas
  • Roofing costs stay constant
  • Plywood decreases by 5%
  • Insulation costs drop by 10%
  • Stud costs stay the same
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