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Grow Your Business With More Quality Leads

Marketing and SEO Education – Strategy Planning

Presentation by Brian Javeline, CEO of MyOnlineToolbox

Brian Javeline

Thanks to everyone that joined us today. It was a fantastic presentation by Brian Javeline, President of MyOnlineToolbox.

Brian Javeline is President & Co-founder of MyOnlineToolbox, the industry-leading Online Marketing & Website Education Series. MyOnlineToolbox also provides Marketing Planning Services for local market domination with a focus on More Quality Leads. Brian has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, has written for Fast Company and is a frequent guest speaker focusing on Marketing To Grow a Business.

Deep Dive:

What happened today?

Start planning yesterday for next years marketing and profits

Remodeling is a diverse industry. Many facets include, but are not limited to:

  • General Remodeling
  • New Home
  • Windows/Sidings
  • Roofing
  • Landscaping

Marketing is weak in this industry but easy to fix. Even though your efforts are weak, your competition is likely weak too. How do you improve? Start with a website. A website by itself, though, is not marketing. You need to connect the dots.

Connecting the dots is critical. What are the dots?

  • Website
  • GMB
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Too many developers do not understand the industry:

  • Example: Basement finishing vs Basement remodeling – website developers likely don’t know the difference between these two. If they group you into one category, you may receive poor leads or leads that are flat out looking for other services.

Too many contractors do not know their competition:

  • How are they marketing their business? They likely have written a check to someone else without knowing what they do, or where the leads come from.

Content is King:

  • Powerful branding is knowing the who, what & where.
  • Done correctly, quality content teaches both consumers and search engines.
  • You are a living, breathing reporter. Create content for your website! Very powerful for your branding.

Food for thought: After this webinar call your business and make believe your a prospect trying to do business with you. Say to yourself, would this person really want to do business with me? Is your voicemail professional, upbeat? Something we see all too often is that the voicemail is full, and can no longer accept messages. Fix this! Time kills deals, and you don’t want to risk them not getting ahold of you.

SFCC Remodeling

  • Picture on his website with a bio. A great way to break the ice on who he is, what area he works in, and his experience. Everyone loves ties to the community.
  • SFCC specializes in a few areas of remodeling. What specifically on your website do you want to talk about? It’s possible to have TOO MUCH content! If you mention 10 topics, it’s possible the search engine might miss the other 9.If you are a kitchen remodeler, does your site specifically mention this, or is it buried? Think about what kind of remodeling you want to be your priority. Kitchens? Baths?


  • Introductory videos help potential customers get to know you without even interacting. Helps build trust that others have used your services. Case study videos are fantastic testimonial opportunities. Customers are always the best people to sell your product. Customers are the only ones that will always outsell you. Customers identify with other customers.


Title Tag

  • Hover over the website tab to find your title tag. This tab is important. It contains your logo and website title. Title tags are the top SEO topic. There are a handful of topics associated with this. Best practices: no duplicates, proper length, correct order, branding. Supporting meta description to support the title tag


  • Images on your website can be accessed in other ways than you would think. An example is right click > inspect. This brings up the ALT text: Alternative text. Optimize this for YOUR website. Use this opportunity to add more information on your site


  • Titles are very important. Title correctly with concrete subject matter

Social Engagement

  • Is anyone liking or sharing your content? If it’s just your neighbor and wife, you can do better. Many times the words in a post are incorrect for engagement.

Google Reviews

  • Top 5 indicator for rankings. Customers, not you, are saying you are a good company. It’s validation for SEO and provides engines with the content needed to properly rank.

Responsive Web Design + Social Engagement

  • Just recently, over 50% of the total searches started happening on smartphones. Make sure your site is responsive for mobile

More information about Brian, he’s got a few things going on.

  • His website,
  • Contact
    • Head to his website, click ‘Contact’.
    • He is happy to share any resources, classes and educational material to help YOU!

A huge thank you, again, to Brian for an amazing presentation.

Thanks for reading!

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