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As we continue to improve the Clear Estimates software, we have another exciting announcement. The ability to preview the project tables (also known as line item breakdowns) is widely used both for internal project reviews and to show customers an extra set of details with your estimates. While this was such an important aspect of the software, many of you expressed concern that they did not look professional when showing only two columns (like description and total cost).

Now, those tables will scale to fit the full width of the page when the table is printed, no matter how many columns you have. Just want to show the line item and the total cost? Now the description will be on the left side and total cost on the right, using the full page and giving you a very nice document to send to your customers.

Line item breakdowns are a great addition to your proposals and estimates. Print off a line item breakdown along with your project estimate if your customer wants to see more detail. With our new tables, the breakdowns look professional and will fit right into a proposal or estimate.

No need to change any settings, this is now immediately available on all of your projects!

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