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Introducing the Favorite Parts Feature.

Hi Everyone –

You can now easily find and add parts to your estimates using the new “Favorite Parts” feature. Our goal with this feature was to understand and diagnose difficulty finding parts within the database. Since we’re at just about 14,000 of them, it can get a bit cumbersome. We thought, how can we make this process easier, less confusing? That’s when we came up with the idea to “Favorite” parts, designating them a separate window within the Add Parts page. Favoriting parts allows you to take parts from the database and place them in the Favorite Parts window. This area will only be filled with your “favorite” parts. Instead of having to search each time for a specific part, you can now add it to your favorites and it will display on the Add Parts page without having to scroll and find it. We wanted to add one more thing, too. We’ve sourced the most used parts of our entire user base. Since we’re all doing somewhat similar projects, this will help you out tremendously. Common items such as the removal of drywall, 2″ x 4″, 16″oc wall framing and cabinet installation will already display in your favorite parts list.

This feature can easily be found by heading to the Add Parts page.

Once in Add Parts, you’ll simply select a category as usual. This is when the Favorite Parts feature kicks in. You’ll now see two windows. The first, and the smaller one will include your favorite parts. The second and larger one will include the rest of the parts in that category.

A Gold Star represents a part that has been favorited. You can favorite/unfavorite just by clicking the star on the left side of a part. Switch between categories to see parts and favorite parts specific to that category.

We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we enjoyed developing it!


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