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Our industry relies on personal communication. Referrals, leads, canvassing, it all requires a face to face interaction. You won’t secure any leads without meeting the customer first, and you won’t secure any jobs without a personal back and forth with a customer. Every job needs to be looked at before you can agree on a scope of work. All of this typically requires multiple in-person meetings between contractor and customer. You both have busy schedules and likely agree (verbally) to meeting dates. What happens when one party forgets? It happens all too often. The day comes and all of a sudden you have to reschedule. Why? Probably because you forgot, or you scheduled other events for that day. This can be quite frustrating, delaying the bid acceptance process, and ultimately, delaying your opportunity to close a deal.

You can counter all of this with one simple step, schedule the meeting! Use a scheduling tool to schedule each meeting with your customers. This gives both parties an extra step in the scheduling process to lock time down. It then places the meeting on both of your calendars, setting reminders. It’s hard to forget a meeting when you have it scheduled, and receive a couple of reminder emails or texts.

Imagine this scenario, you schedule a meeting with a customer to go over the estimate you have put together. The day before, you send the customer your calendar (via email or text) to schedule a meeting at 11am at the customer’s house. The customer accepts and a notification is placed on both your calendars. Additionally, you have a setting to send both parties a text 24 hours and 2 hours before the meeting. It’s a good 20-minute drive away and you don’t want this meeting falling through, a potential signing could take place.

These are some simple steps to put in place to avoid meeting cancellations. You may not think a cancellation is a big deal, but it is. You risk the potential customer going another day with second thoughts. You risk ruining your day because you have planned other events around a meeting. A tool we use here at Clear Estimates is called Calendly. It’s a great (free) tool that syncs with your Google calendar to schedule meetings. You can add additional settings such as notifications and personalization.

Don’t miss another meeting! We’re serious. This is a simple, and free step to help you achieve a more fluid schedule.

Thanks for reading!

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