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Content is King & SEO is Queen – Guest Post by Brian Javeline

Your goal to boost traffic to your contractor website is to create as many new pages with different content, or updating existing pages with fresh content.

Yes, running a contracting business is more than a 9 to 5 job. We get it. But there are easy methods you can use from your current jobs to become your marketing opportunity for your future leads.

You have to realize one of the easiest ways to get more leads from your contractor website is to add new pages of content that reflect topics customers may be searching for. And if you are doing work on something today, then chances are another customer may be looking for this service later. Makes sense, right? So why not use today’s work as a way to demonstrate you are ready to do the same thing for someone new.

Here is an example (of course using a long term happy customer of Clear Estimates) of a someone who needed to create their first-time true online marketing representation of their business. They have done extremely well over the years and in fact, shortly you will see a new Home Builder option on their site too. The power of marketing can take your business to a whole new level, especially when looking for More Quality Leads.

And while the above example is complex, here are some things on a smaller scale you already know allowing you to create content for your contractor website to attract exactly the right leads you are looking for from your website.

  • A short description of the specifics of each service you provide. For example, perhaps you do Kitchen Remodeling. You then write a short story about this service and ensure you mention Kitchen Remodeling a few times within the actual story text. Done right, and these words are the beginning of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a combination of what you say and how you say it so the search engines point people to your page when they go to research the topic.
  • Having pictures of a different kitchen is great. Just remember, there are pictures and then there are pictures designed with descriptions that also add to SEO. So instead of having filenames like Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2, etc., it is better to label them Kitchen Remodeling Modern, Kitchen Remodeling Contemporary, etc.
  • Add a video to take it to the next level of SEO. This too needs to be done correctly, but it is not that hard. Title the video something like Kitchen Remodeling Contractor shows modern upgrade.

The important issue is to simply provide valuable information that is specific to the topic, on its own webpage using words, pictures, and possibly video. This dedicated page will then attract new leads that are focused on this particular topic. And if you know what to do, then you can always do this with just a little spare time.

You need to do whatever it takes to get more of these dedicated topic pages on your site. You do not need to make it perfect. You do not need to do it all at once. Perhaps one page will be done first with just text, then another page with another topic gets started with some pictures first, and perhaps another page gets started with a video first. There simply is never a great time to do this so just always move forward whenever you have an extra few minutes here and there.

You should write your first new webpage today. Pick any service you are doing today. Write a little about what you are doing “and save the page” on your website. You can always slowly optimize it later, but having the page forces you to remember to move forward.

Focus on creating the content first, then optimizing it next. You just have to include the basics of a unique web page address, the correct titles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a few other tactics that are common for all industries.

Do not get so obsessed with the SEO topics that you forget to focus on the topic itself. Write down your thoughts and then simply implement the few top SEO issues, and you will be so far ahead of the rest of your competition.

And of course, remember to consider Clear Estimates to follow up with these prospects to get one step closer from attracting a good lead and converting it to a great sale.

Brian Javeline is President & Co-founder of MyOnlineToolbox is the #1 Online Marketing & Website Education Series – Just for Remodelers! The company also specializes in Marketing Planning for a Website and supporting Online Strategy to dominate inbound lead generation efforts for a new or existing website.

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