Billing & Account Management

How much does Clear Estimates cost? Can I get a free trial?

All new customers start with a FREE 30-day trial period. A subscription to Clear Estimates costs $59 per month. The first payment does not come out until the end of your first month, and if you cancel your subscription prior to that you will not be charged!

Do I have to sign a contract, or can I cancel at any time?

There is NO CONTRACT! You can cancel whenever you like.

Sounds simple enough, but how hard is it to cancel? How long does it take?

You can cancel your subscription right from your account! You don’t even need to contact us, it’s that easy! You can also inform us that you’d like to cancel by emailing support@clearestimates.com or calling (800) 540-3935. We will cancel your subscription as soon as we receive your request, generally the same day, or the following business day at the latest. We will send you an email as soon as we cancel to let you know we’ve canceled your subscription.

I’m ready to subscribe. Where can I sign up?

Great! You can subscribe here. Follow the instructions, filling out some company information, and setting up an email and password. Be sure to sign up with an email that you are comfortable using as it will be your login ID. We take most kinds of cards for payment!

System Compatibility & Integration

On which Operating Systems can I use Clear Estimates? Is it compatible with Mac computers or iPads?

Clear Estimates Online is a web-based program and it can be used on Mac computers and iPads as well as Windows machines! Basically, any device as long as you have internet access!

Can Clear Estimates be used for (X)? (E.g., Water damages, Cleaning, Commercial Remodeling, etc.)

The parts and templates in Clear Estimates’ library are geared towards residential remodeling and handyman work. The database is easy to customize, however, allowing users to create new parts and templates for any scope of work! This means that for non-remodelers, it will be a little more work up front. Once it is set up for your business, however, Clear Estimates can make any kind of estimating simpler!

Read more about the best uses for Clear Estimates here:

Can It Do? Clear Estimates Feature Guide 

We use Quickbooks for accounting. Does Clear Estimates integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes! Clear Estimates integrates with both the Online and Desktop version of Quickbooks. All of our customers have access to this integration. It’s very easy to set up!

Ease of Use

I’m not a computer guy, is this easy to learn?

We’ve designed Clear Estimates to be very easy to use, even if you don’t know much about computers. Remember, we’re built for contractors and by contractors so we know you’d rather be out in the field than behind the keyboard.

Can I get help getting started?

Yes! You can set up a free walkthrough with one of our customer success experts to get you set up and get started. Not a tutorial video or webinar, this is a one-on-one walkthrough to answer your specific questions and get set up for your business.

What support is available?

In addition to the walkthroughs, you can also call or email us and we’ll help answer your question. Plus, we have dozens of articles and tutorial videos to help you learn the steps to using the software. We also have weekly webinars that go through, in detail, how to get the most out of Clear Estimates.

Is this easier to use than Excel?

We think Clear Estimates is more accurate, easier to use, and overall a better program than Excel. Check out the top 4 reasons you should stop using Excel below.

Top 4 reasons to use Clear Estimates instead of Excel

Will this work for me?

What trades does this cover?

The parts and templates in the database that comes with Clear Estimates are geared towards residential remodelers and handymen. The database is easy to customize with Clear Estimates, however, allowing users to create new parts and templates for their own use as necessary. This generally means that for non-remodelers, it will be more work up front. Once it is set up for your needs, however, Clear Estimates can make any kind of estimating much simpler! Plus, we can help you get it set up for you!

Can I customize this?

You can customize just about every aspect of Clear Estimates. You can add your own parts to the database, change the ones we have, create custom templates, and much more. Meaning no matter what you’re estimating, Clear Estimates can help you get your estimates out quickly and accurately.

Does this work for commercial jobs?

Most of our parts are specific to residential jobs, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for commercial. It just means you’ll have to do a little customizing (adding parts to the database) to set it up for commercial jobs.

I'm a handyman. I'm worried this program might be too much?

Clear Estimates is a great tool for handymen. You’ll find that we have around 4,000 parts dedicated to handymen. These parts take into account pricing that is specific to the trade. You can then turn estimates into professional looking proposals for your clients!

Does this work for new home construction?

Our database is geared more toward residential remodeling, restoration, and handyman work. When used for new home construction, you’ll find that we have many of the line items you need, but you might have to create a few for the ones we do not offer. This is easy to do using our Create Custom Part feature.

Can I invoice my clients using Clear Estimates?

With Clear Estimates you can create and send payable invoices for your jobs. Customers can pay you via Credit Card or ACH payment and you’ll get cash into your account fast! You can also manage a “Cost Status” of the job, outlining how much has been paid and how much is due. Learn more about payments and invoices here.


What devices can I use this on? (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android)

All of the above! As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to go to our website and work on your estimates. You can also use it on as many devices as you want!

How many users can I have?

When you sign up for Clear Estimates Standard you’ll get one login for accessing your estimates.

Using Clear Estimates Pro, you’ll be able to invite other users via email. This will give them their own login. This is a great option for companies with multiple estimators. You can learn more about Clear Estimates Pro and its additional features here.


Is there a free trial?

Yes, when you sign up for Clear Estimates you’re automatically given a 30-day free trial so you can see if it works for you. If not, just cancel and there won’t be any charges.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there is no contract! Just $59/mo. with no contract at all. There is also no setup fee so you can get started for free and cancel at any time.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel yourself by accessing your account online. You can also call or email us and we’ll be glad to take care of the cancellation for you.

Where can I get started?

Ready to go? You can get started with the free trial by clicking here!


Does it work with Quickbooks?

Yes! Once you’ve completed the estimate you can export the estimate to Quickbooks as an estimate. From there, you can use it as an invoice or for job costing.

Can I save estimates to my computer? How about Email them?

Absolutely! We have multiple formats for proposals that you can save to your computer in PDF, MS Word, or MS Excel. Once you have them exported to Excel or Word, you can edit them as much as you like. You can also save the files for your archives.


We also offer the ability to email an estimate right from your account. This gives you an on the spot opportunity to get the bid out!

Can I export to Buildertrend?

Yes! With a Clear Estimates Pro account, you can export your estimates to Buildertrend. Ask one of our team members about the additional perks of Clear Estimates Pro!

Have any questions before signing up?