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Hi Folks,

For some time now we have been getting requests to make the price breakdown on reports a bit simpler. You can now avoid detailed price structuring in your reports with our new feature, “Hide Line Items Within a Component.”

This is basically a way to generate a report without including every single line item. It will allow your customers a cleaner, less confusing proposal. To do this, you will first want to structure your project into various components. In general, this is always a good way to go about a big project, it allows you organizational flexibility. Once your project’s components are filled with parts, go ahead and save, then follow these steps:


  • Options > Report Settings > Choose “Preliminary” or “Formal” > Hide Line Items


Hide Line Item Screenshot 2

Before and After  





I know a lot of you generate extremely detailed estimates and don’t want the customer getting bogged down in all that information. Sometimes you may have so much going on in your estimate, that it gets confusing to view a report with every single line item and its price. With this new feature, you will still have the ability to view all parts and prices, but your customer will have the luxury of viewing a clean, easy to read report.

Estimating is only getting easier! This feature can be turned on and off simply by following the steps above. If you would like to do it for one report and not the other, just reverse the actions. Finally, before implementing this feature, it is important to ask, “Does the customer really need to see all this stuff?” If they don’t, this is a great tool for you!

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