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Below I would like to share with you some information about jobsite safety. This is an iteration of a ContractorTalk article I recently read -you can find that article here.

Safety Breakdown

Jobsite safety isn’t something to be taken lightly. This article is meant to refresh your mind on just how important keeping the jobsite safe is. Regulations and technology can only help so much. When it comes down to it, though, you’re the one in charge so you must ensure the jobsite is as safe as possible.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, fatalities in the trenches has doubled since 2015. This is a staggering increase – considering many could have been prevented. Excavation is the most dangerous jobsite activity, meaning it should be closely monitored and all proper safety measures should be taken. In New York City, recent statistics show a 24% increase in jobsite accidents, across the board. Despite increasing regulations, we are still seeing jobsite accidents go up. Increasing accidents and fatalities is a red flag. We’ve all got to do our part to ensure jobsites are as safe as possible.

Keep Your Workers Safe

One of the most important aspects of jobsite safety is education. Be sure that your team is up to date on the latest training and safety techniques. Knowledge is power, and it sure will take you a long way when it comes to safety. All of your employees involved in high-risk activities should have regular safety training. It’s very important to emphasize “regular”. One training session a few years back is not enough. Be sure to keep your team’s safety knowledge fresh because you never know when it might come handy.

Working with modern equipment is also key to keeping your team safe. Anything that meets OSHA standards is the best, so look out for those. It’s easy to think nothing bad is going to happen on the jobsite, and it is that exact thinking that gets you in trouble. Ensure that your team is working with the best equipment, combined with proper training.

Prepare For The Unknowns

We generally think of jobsite safety as avoiding falls or impacts, but the reality is, there are many other hidden threats. Think of things like heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration or slippery surfaces. Roofers, in particular, are susceptible to heat-related injury, so make sure they remain hydrated and work in intervals. Anyone on the jobsite in winter is prone to a slip and fall, so be sure surfaces are safe to walk on. Evaluate the site before you begin the job. Point out hazards before they happen and prepare to take them on. This will ensure your crew is working with the highest level of safety.

Avoiding Ramifications

Keeping your workers safe should be enough of a reason to put an emphasis on safety. There are other reasons to do so too. Some cities are considering handing down ramifications for poor safety records. A city could deny you a work permit if you have a shaky record. They can also issue fines when preventable accidents occur. Don’t be surprised if these types of penalties become more common either. Some feel that the only way to keep workers safe is to keep contractors who do not emphasize safety out of work.

Remember, there are no shortcuts when it comes to safety. It is up to you as the contractor to ensure that your workers are up to date with the latest safety knowledge and that your equipment is up to date with the latest safety specifications. Safe-proof as much as you can.

Stay safe out there and build on!

You can find the original article here.

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