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As a contractor, do you use scheduling tools? Finding times and places to meet can be painful, especially in this line of work. Meetings come up, change orders happen and things just don’t always go according to plan. At Clear Estimates, we use a couple pieces of software to keep our schedules in line. This allows us all to have instant access of when and where something is taking place, all with a couple mouse clicks.

For meetings with clients/leads: is a scheduling tool that is built into Gmail. It will allow you to select available meeting times and share them with whoever you might be emailing. Instead of meeting a lead or client “later in the week” to discuss a job, send them a professional email with your availability. This gives you a couple notches on the “this contractor is different from the rest” belt. As soon as a meeting is requested, send an email with your availability and will make it very easy for the other party to RSVP to a specific time.

For meetings with your team: Rally

Rally is a great tool for scheduling group meetings. This will come in handy when you need to rally your entire crew. It can also be used for job site scheduling. Let each member of your team know when specific tasks are to take place, and then send them an invite. This increases transparency and reliability between you and your crew as they will receive email notifications for upcoming events. There won’t be any questions about “showing up for work that day”. Rally also lets you discuss details of the event. This is a great space to share any information that you would like everyone invited to see.

In the article below you’ll find several free scheduling tools.

Scheduling tools to keep you organized

Let us know if you have any questions about the tools we use!

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