Dewalt Unveils Two Cordless Tools – You Won’t Believe What They Are

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Dewalt Unveils Two Cordless Tools and You Won’t Believe What They Are

Introducing the Dewalt Flexvolt 60V battery platform that powers the world’s first cordless 12-inch miter saw and cordless table saw. Dewalt has literally done the impossible, making two of the industries most common tools cordless. This is incredibly shocking as nothing like this has  been done before. For so long had we become accustomed to plugging the miter and table saws into the wall.

No longer will you hear “Don’t forget the extension cord!”

But how in the world can you supply that much juice to such a powerful machine? The answer: The Flexvolt 60V lithium-ion battery, designed to adjust its output depending on the type of machine it is attached to. Now, this is a lot of juice, so what happens when you your battery is dead? Don’t worry, Dewalt has thought about that too. They made a corded adapter that slides into the battery terminal on the Flexvolt tool, avoiding any kind of battery downtime.

Check out this video of the Dewalt Flexvolt 120V Cordless 12” Miter Saw

The Dewalt Flexvolt 60V Cordless Table Saw

The future is here, folks. You can check out these products over on Dewalt’s website here.

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