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Develop a Youtube Presence

Youtube, it’s the new Wikipedia, and how we learn many of the random things we know. Need to learn how to change the oil on your car? How about removing a non load-bearing wall? Or even, how to execute a complete bathroom remodel? Youtube is a platform hundreds of millions of people use across the world to watch videos about things they might not otherwise know about. In our industry, it’s a great way to market and build an online profile for your business.

Highlighting your expertise

Using Youtube, you can create videos specifically about your remodeling company and the work you do. This could be everything from installing a kitchen backsplash to removing a toilet to working with a load bearing wall. If you wrote down all of the things your company does, you’d be surprised how many individual tasks, and ultimately, how many videos you can make of that. Youtube is a great way to introduce people to the kind of work you do. Now, the obvious question is, who is going to actually watch that? You’d be surprised. There are millions of people out there looking for knowledge on this kind of work. Millions of people looking to DIY until it gets too hard.

Casting a wide net

Developing content and managing a Youtube channel is a great way to cast a large marketing net. Since folks across the states can watch your videos, you can potentially pull in work from anywhere. This kind of online presence is great in terms of getting the word out about who you are. If someone local asks for references, tell them you have a channel! Believe me, you’ll get that job if you do quality work.

Building trust

A Youtube channel not only helps you demonstrate all that you can do, and the quality at which you can do it, but it also gives you the chance to build a relationship with a potential customer. After watching a few of your videos, they feel like they already have a connection with you. They know what kind of person you are, how you act, and most importantly, what your crew is like. A potential customer can rest easy knowing they have a reputable contractor coming in their home, and who knows, maybe their kitchen will be in your next video!

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