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You can’t really predict when you’ll be estimating as bids come in at random times. For many, this means working around the clock. Our friends over at Remodeling Magazine put together a piece based off of our data. You can check it out here. For a quick overview, continue reading…

Contractors, we know you work late nights and long weeks, it’s part of the job. Deadlines have to be met, a meeting has to be conducted with the homeowner and leads have to be pursued. After all, you’re not going to turn down an estimate, are you? We wanted to dig a little deeper and see when exactly estimating goes on. It’s safe to say our clients estimate around the clock, with a surprising amount done at night, let’s take a look.

During the month of April, we saw over 13,000 sessions. In the chart below, you will see a breakdown by hour of the day that those sessions occurred.

Findings indicate that 22% of sessions occurred between 6:00 p.m. and midnight EST. 13% of those were after 8:00 p.m. Around 15% of sessions took place on Saturday and Sunday. What does this tell us? One, that our clients are working around the clock. Two, that the 40 hour work week is a mere fantasy to many. The life of a contractor doesn’t really have set hours, especially if you’re a small company, maybe one or two employees. Bids need to be estimated as soon as they come in. If this means sacrificing a Sunday or a late weeknight, then so be it.

Monday through Friday are the most popular times to estimate, with each day holding pretty even. These are the more traditional hours to be estimating – most likely the companies working 9-5, and/or who have a full-time estimator. The most popular time during the work day? Lunch.

Keep in mind too that Clear Estimates is open Monday through Friday from 9-5 EST, in case any questions come up. Support is 100% free here and we are more than happy to help. Because many of our users work after hours, we understand they need support too. That’s why we have a help center with articles and tutorial videos to walk you along any trouble you might be having. You can find our Help Center Here.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!

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