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Hello Clear Estimators!
Our newest feature is one that we are really excited about! It lets you enter fields in your boilerplate that will populate with that customer’s information. Just type out your boilerplate once and Clear Estimates will do the rest!

For example, let’s say you want to have this as your boilerplate:

“I, Contractor Jack, will perform the below tasks for [Customer Name] at the property located at [Customer Address].”

Well, now you can! Instead of typing out this infromation for each customer, just enter the customer’s information when you create the customer. Then, setup your boilerplate with our new custom fields. Just click “Insert Field” to the right of the “Boilerplate Text” area and a list of items will appear. From here, you can select things like customer name, customer phone number, email, etc. In the boilerplate it will type something like [Name], but when the proposal gets printined for your customer, Clear Estimates will put in the customer’s name.

This means you can setup your boilerplate once, but have your proposals be absolutely customized for each customer. Below is a list of fields that are currently available. Contact us if you would like us to add more!

Project Cost
Primary First Name
Primary Last Name
Secondary First Name
Secondary Last name

Good luck! Hope this helps you make your proposals even better!


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