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UPDATE 9/7/14- You can now export your reports to MS Word in Clear Estimates Online. Just hover your mouse over “Print Preview” and select either PDF of MS Word. More about that here:
Export Reports to Microsoft Word

You may have noticed that Clear Estimates Online allows you to very quickly generate reports for you customers. However, they only come in PDF format, which does not let you edit the formatting and text of the document beyond the capabilities of Clear Estimates.

While almost every type of editing and formatting is possible within Clear Estimates,  you can use a free online tool to convert the PDF created by Clear Estimates into a Microsoft Word document. Then you’ll be able to change whatever you like about the report.

One that I’ve had success with, and was very easy to use, is called pdftoword.com. It is very easy and very free. Just save the PDF that Clear Estimates generates, then upload it to pdftoword.com. Put the e-mail address that you want them to send the word document to, then in a couple of minutes you’ll see a new e-mail with the word document attached.

On a few tests it converted the company logo, parts, signature line, boilerplate, and everything else!

Hope this helps!


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