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Get out that pen and paper and write it down!

Don’t forget the importance of writing things down. We’ve all been there, trying to remember what meeting is next, what house to go to at 3:00. Which color did the client request again? As contractors, you have a lot on your plate and when you don’t write it down, things can get messy. Such a simple concept could be the key to getting you to the next level.

Not only does writing things down make us remember, but it also makes us more efficient. Less time is spent thinking about the things you could be missing, or possibly duplicating efforts.

Writing things down goes hand in hand with organization. When you can organize your thoughts, you tend to breathe a little easier. When you have your to-do list completely laid out for the day, there’s nothing else to worry about. If you’re planning weeks, even months in advance, you’ve got to be writing things down. Subcontractor shows up on this day, dumpster is to be installed on this day – but wait, which day was it again? Writing things down allows you to plan in advance, in case anything comes up and a change needs to be made. What if the client requests you move some things around? Good thing you have the schedule right in front of you and can make some calls.

Writing things down keeps you honest, it keeps you bound to the commitments you made. What if you forget about one of your obligations? Now your reputation is on the line. In an industry where there can be a bit of flakiness, it’s important to stand out. The only downside to writing things down is time. It does take time to do this. However, the amount of time taken to write things down heavily outweighs forgetting that something needs to get done, or worse, missing out on a lead. For a small amount of effort, you can improve your day to day schedule, and even more some more money 🙂

Let’s discuss a few pointers on writing things down.

  • Carry paper with you, preferably a notebook or binder. If you carry a binder, you’ll be able to section it out by job, field, interest etc. Simply open a page and write. Hint: store a pen inside the actual spiral binding.
  • Always date the notes you write down. This allows you to jog your memory of that specific date, just in case you forget something. Also, think of a few specific words that may remind of that interaction. In the case you need to go back to these notes months down the road, you want something that gives you the “Aha!” moment.
  • Review every day. Writing something down and never looking at it again isn’t much help. Go back and review what happened on what day. This will ingrain your schedule in your mind.

It may be a small adjustment, but that’s great thing about it. Not much effort is needed to write things down. Try it. The benefits to be had are enormous.


Let us know how it goes!

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