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Consumer Top 4 Remodeling Projects

Remodeling a home means a great deal not only for investment purposes, but to make the homeowner feel more comfortable, to make the space more livable. Remodeling gives the homeowner a chance to work directly with a contractor into turning their personal space into something they love. Since we spend a large chunk of our lives at home, this means a lot. It’s also great for investment, should the homeowner ever sell their property. Investments in the home increase resale value, and may end up making you more money than you put into it. Below are the four most common residential remodeling jobs, both in terms of homeowner desirability and return on investment.

Complete Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Upgrade

Bathroom Renovation

Add New Bathroom

Top reasons to get this work done

  • Upgrade worn out surfaces, materials, and finishes
  • Upgrade appliances that may be inefficient, old, outdated
  • Modernize the space, increasing functionality and livability

Feeling after work is done

  • Greater desire to be home
  • Increased sense of enjoyment
  • The sense of accomplishment when thinking about the process  

Other notable renovations:

Closet Remodel – Desire to have a more organized space

New Fiberglass Front Door – Desire to increase outside appeal of home to bystanders and guests

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