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We’re excited to announce that Clear Estimates has been featured in “Best Construction Estimating Software” write up.

From We researched and examined more than 20 products already considered the best pieces of estimating software in the field. We narrowed our list down to 10 based on 4 months of research of research, four online webinars and interviews with five outside experts. tested four different criteria to evaluate the best construction estimating software.

How simple is it to use?

How well does it generate an estimate?

How well does it keep track of costs?

What help is available?

Clear Estimates is known as one of the most user-friendly estimating tools on the market. We are known for our simple and easy to use design that focuses on quickly creating estimates. We pride ourselves on our database of over 12,000 items and over 100 templates. All of this item information is priced out to an area near you. Our support is always free and we are happy to help.

Together, we can create more accurate and more profitable estimates.

What to read the article? You can find it here!

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